🎓 What is Ariyh?

Ariyh gives you marketing recommendations based on proven evidence.

Not self-promotional opinions, biased surveys, or questionable data.

So where do Ariyh’s insights come from?

From the best data we have available: scientific research.

📈 What do I get if I subscribe?

Every Tuesday, you will receive:

A 3-min actionable insight, based on a scientific research paper.

It will usually come from new research published in the last 1-2 months. If nothing highly impactful was published recently, it will come from previous studies.

Each insight contains, at a minimum:

📈 A recommendation

🎓 The findings of the discovery

🧠 Why it works

✋ Limitations of the research

⚡ Steps to implement it

📖 Link to the original research paper

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🔬 Tell me more about the science

Scientific research in marketing is usually done by university professors using the latest technology and statistical techniques (e.g. fMRI scans, Bayesian modeling).

The vast majority of companies - even research companies - don’t have the resources to perform research at this level. It requires huge amounts of:

  • Money (e.g. an fMRI brain scanning machine costs $5 million)
  • Training (advances in statistics and data analysis happen at breakneck speed)
  • Time (one research paper typically takes 6 to 24 months to be published

But that's just the start.

Once a study is complete, it's peer-reviewed by fellow experts in the same field. Errors are caught, interpretations are challenged, and researchers need to defend their findings under harsh scrutiny.

If a research paper survives the process (only a few do), it gets accepted and published in a scientific journal.

By contrast, research released by companies is not peer-reviewed and does not receive anywhere near this level of scrutiny. We have little proof that it's actually true.

📖 What type of research does Ariyh cover?

It varies, but most of the research falls under the umbrella of behavioral science. It touches psychology, neuroscience, and economics.

More than 10,000 research papers in marketing are published each year.

Of those, about 90% are not useful to marketers in practice, about 8-9% are very niche or not impactful. Only 1-2% are highly useful in practice. That is what Ariyh covers.

🤔 Why is it so difficult to find science in marketing?

It's the system. Researchers are rewarded for producing research that gets cited by other researchers. So it's often misaligned with what marketers need.

Over time, scientific research and marketing practice have become two distinct worlds. This gap is occasionally closed by conferences, books, trainings, or companies that can afford to hire scientists.

But that means that useful research takes several years, sometimes decades, to land in the hands of marketers.

Until now.

💸 Is it free?

Yes, you can subscribe to the newsletter at no cost.

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👋 Who are you?

Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m the founder of Ariyh.

I've been marketing products for 10+ years. Before Ariyh, I was a marketer at Google and at several startups.

I’m also a science nerd. I enjoy spending days analyzing dense scientific research papers to extract the key findings that matter.

That puts me in the position to close the gap between business and science. It's what I love doing, and why I created Ariyh.

Happy to connect on LinkedIn, if you're a fellow evidence-based marketer!

And if you're not subscribed yet don't forget to drop your email below 👇

P.S.: Ariyh means Academic Research In Your Hands. It’s pronounced “ar-ee”.