Expensing Ariyh Pro

Ariyh Pro and Ariyh’s products are designed to improve the results of your work by leveraging the latest scientific evidence. This means it’s an investment with a positive ROI that most companies allow you to expense, as part of your learning budget or a work expense.

Here are some templates to make it easier for you.

First, try to mention it to your manager in conversation. Then, you can send them this email:

Expensing email template

Subject: Science-based marketing insights expenseLetter: 

Hey [Manager’s name],

I’d love to access this platform that gives science-based insights to improve our marketing results.

I’ve been subscribed to the newsletter for some time and really see the value.

They have a platform (https://ariyh.com/insights) that gives access to hundreds of categorized insights and Q&As on how to apply the latest evidence to make the most of any marketing opportunity

It only costs $99.9/year and marketers from top companies (e.g. Google, P&G, Mars), top agencies, and fast-growing startups are already applying these insights.

I can already see how we can use these insights to boost our results.

Can I expense it?


[Your name]

P.S.: If we want, they have team plans with 20% for 3 or more people, we just need to contact them.

Managers are busy, so if you if you still have not received an answer 5 days you can send them them a quick reminder:

Follow-up email template

Subject: RE: Science-based marketing platform course expense


Hey [Manager’s name],

Just checking in if you had time to look at the science-based marketing platform I sent you?

I’m certain it would help us take our marketing to a new level.

Here’s the link: https://ariyh.com/insights

Could you greenlight expensing this?

[Your name]

If your manager has any questions, here are some answers to common questions that will help you.


How will this platform impact your work here?

Ariyh Pro will keep me up to date with the latest scientific evidence in marketing, so that everything we do drives the best results possible.

It will give me access to:

1. A library of actionable insights from the latest science in marketing, which I will be able to filter and apply to improve the results of all our marketing projects

2. Q&As with questions from marketers at other leading-edge companies about marketing problems they are facing, and science-based solutions to these problems explained by a team of marketing science experts.

3. Priority access to more learnings, special events, and discounts on other recommendations we will use to improve our results.

How does this course align with your personal or team goals?

I care about delivering strong - and always improving results. Instead of guessing, reinventing the wheel, or relying on unreliable opinions, this will allow me to deliver better results quickly.

Can you share this platform with the team?

Access to the platform and the community is available on a person-by-person basis. However, all the information within the platform is very practical, so I can immediately apply the tips at work.

The insights include actionable tips written in simple language so I can frictionlessly present the ideas and the data to the team too.

If we want to get team access, they offer 20% off for teams of 3 or more members. We can contact them here to set it up: team@ariyh.com.

How is this different from other products, platforms, courses, and communities available out there?

The vast majority are based on opinions, unreliable data, or outdated findings. Ariyh Pro contains nothing but recent, scientific, peer-reviewed research. It’s clear, it’s concise, it’s actionable and it’s trustworthy.

Most of the research focuses on human psychology making the learnings long lasting and widely applicable. The research topics are varied and will help us improve most aspects of our business.